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When you ask a friend or family member to be your wedding MC, it’s a lovely compliment to them, and it ensures a personal touch. But deep down, they might not want the responsibility. Their involvement might mean sacrificing their own enjoyment of the celebration. And if they haven’t MC’d much before, you might have your own concerns about how the reception will unfold.

An unpredictable or intoxicated MC makes for funny stories down the track, but it can be nerve-wracking on the day!

The other side, is that for vendors and venue staff, an inexperienced MC might not fully understand crucial elements such as event timings, ensuring the photographer is present for speeches, ushering guests effectively, creating a meticulous run sheet and reviewing it frequently. Entrusting these responsibilities to an unseasoned individual could result in hiccups, interruptions and lost opportunities.

At your wedding reception, you want someone who is enthusiastic and experienced to take the reins as your master of ceremonies (MC) or in my case, mistress of ceremonies (a title I embrace!). Let your guests fully immerse themselves in the festivities and leave the MC duties to a pro.

And there’s an added benefit when you choose me. I already know you both – and lots of your best stories – through my celebrant duties. You get the best of both worlds: personal and professional.

Wedding MC

Make the most of my unique skill set!

With a background in acting, I’m comfortable and confident with the microphone, ensuring engaging and entertaining public speaking throughout the reception. I know how to maintain the party vibe, keeping everyone on board and excited. My quick wit, ready smile and love for a good dance add an extra spark.

Not only do I excel in front of an audience, but I also take care of the behind-the-scenes logistics. Thanks to my hospitality background, I thrive under pressure and I can problem-solve, fast. Your vendors and the venue will appreciate having a skilled MC who can make sure people are where they need to be, and everything happens on schedule. Armed with my runsheet, I handle it all seamlessly, and you can call on me during the event if you have any concerns or questions.

When you entrust me to be your MC, you can relax and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest, knowing your reception is in capable hands.

Let’s make your celebration a stress-free and unforgettable one – contact me today for more information on my MC services.

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