Sydney Elopement And Destination Wedding Ceremonies

Traditionally, to elope was to be two lovers running away to get married in secret – usually without a public engagement or the consent or knowledge of one’s parents.

We’ve blown a kiss to the days when elopements were a taboo affair.

Today’s elopement ceremonies are now seen as happy surprises, a wedding day decision made by couples who know what they want from a marriage ceremony.

Marriage is a union between two people in love, celebrated – with a wedding – in any way that is perfect for you.

These days, when people talk about an elopement, they usually mean a private, simple, mid-week marriage ceremony or a small destination wedding ceremony, where the only people present are the couple and two witnesses. The witnesses might be complete strangers, provided by the marriage celebrant, or close friends or family members.

If you choose to celebrate your love by eloping in glorious Sydney and what you really want is an intimate wedding ceremony to be remembered, then I am the Sydney Marriage Celebrant for you.

I can conduct your ceremony and officiate your marriage at a location of your choice.

Your wedding day will be beautiful, personal and intimate but instead of stressing over guest lists, choosing the right venue or worrying about whether the DJ plays the right songs, it will be just about the two of you together. You will spend the entire time with your partner – without the expectation of having to entertain hundreds of guests.

Your Sydney eloping wedding ceremony is offered at a smaller cost than my full custom designed wedding ceremony service – as these are usually held Monday through to Friday morning, in a Sydney location. We won’t need a rehearsal; meetings are either by skype or facetime. Ceremonies are simple, yet beautiful and romantic.

Of course, all legal aspects of the ceremony and legal documents are fulfilled as per The Marriage Act 1961.

If you don’t live in Sydney – or Australia – but you would like to get married, here, I can take care of all your legal paperwork, suggest locations and other providers of wedding services, if you need them – ensuring the process is as stress free, as possible.

Sydney offers a stunning array of potential wedding locations for the overseas visitor. From beautiful iconic Sydney Harbour and our picturesque beaches; to lush parks and historic sites, elegant restaurants, and purpose-built function rooms and lots of little quirky spots – Sydney has something for everyone.

Ok, So How Do We Start?

It’s easy.

When it comes to elopement, whether you live here, in Sydney – or you are simply visiting – almost everything is the same – but if you are living overseas, you will need to find a Notary Public – or visit an Australian Consulate to witness your Notice of Intention to Marry form (NOIM). I can explain this in more detail when you contact me.

I will need that NOIM form from you, no later than one month prior to your ceremony date.

(You should also double check to make sure that an Australian marriage is recognised as valid in your country. If it isn’t, you will need an Apostille Stamp. Talk to your consulate about how to get one of those.)

Once I have that, we can do everything else here. It’s so much easier than you think. I perform marriages from couples all over the world, all the time!


Choosing elopement does not mean that you are giving up all the fun things about getting married. The sky really is the limit today with options for capturing this moment. Through photography, video and social media you have the ability to share as much or as little as you want with your friends and family.

Now that you’ve decided to elope on the beautiful shores of Sydney, let me help you create a romantic and personal celebration, focusing purely and simply on the love between you.

So…let’s elope!

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