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Small Intimate Ceremonies, And Destination Wedding Ceremonies

A grand marriage ceremony may not be to everyone’s taste. To some couples, it may be more appealing to have a low key, private event, either with very few guests or even none at all. This is often referred to as a Small Intimate Weddings, small simple ceremony, mid week ceremony, mini wedding or an elopement.

These type of ceremonies are usually held mid week, Monday through to Friday morning with a maximum number of guests and suit those who want a registry style of wedding ceremony but with their choice of wording and location.

This option is perfect for couples who prefer a quiet celebration, or perhaps as a prelude to an upcoming larger event. Intimate and mid week marriage ceremonies also tend to be less costly if that is a factor, or it may be that you simply want to cover the legalities of a second marriage.

If you just like to be spontaneous and want to elope while visiting Sydney, you can visit my elopement page here.

Whatever your reasons for choosing an elopement or mid week marriage ceremony, you can discuss your requirements with me in just a short 15 minute face to face meeting and I will plan the ceremony that suits your needs. All I need from you is a minimum of one month’s notice so I can make all necessary legal arrangements and of course I will always be contactable via skype, face time or any method you prefer, for anything else you need before the day.

If you are living interstate or overseas contact me for further information regarding the legalities.

I will prepare all your paperwork for you, register your marriage and issue you with a marriage certificate after the ceremony. And if you require an extra certificate in order to change your name or for visa purposes, I will order one on your behalf. You are welcome to use my PA to play music through and you may also wish to bring along some bubbles for post celebrations.

Feel free to contact me and further discuss your requirements, proposed dates and possible location options.

Destination Wedding Ceremonies

Whether the location you have in mind for your wedding holds a special significance to you, or is simply a new destination you wish to visit, I am the marriage Celebrant for you. I would be delighted to join you there and provide the perfect ceremony that will make your special day unique and memorable.

Please bear in mind that in order for any marriage to be official, a minimum of 2 witnesses are required at all ceremonies.

Small Intimate Wedding Micro Ceremonies

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